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Where does everyone buy their oil and filters from for 1.0 ecoboost?


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It depends on how frequently you perform oil changes. If you know that you are going to keep the Fiesta for a long time, the best way to go is purchasing a case of 12 from your nearest ford dealers parts department. They will usually give a discount on case purchases.
I have two Fiesta’s and a tractor that just happens to require the same filter. So, I buy in quantity.
For best engine durability you want a high quality motor oil that is fully synthetic. I like Castrol Syntec titanium. Ford recommend their semi synthetic oil, but I changed to full synthetic years ago with zero issues.
I use Ford Motocraft filters. I get them at a good price and have only had two defective ones in twenty years, both filters had no threading and couldn’t be used. The dealership parts guy’s handed me a good replacement at no cost both times.