Has Anyone Else Had This Issue w/ Their 2013 Ford Fiesta?

So earlier today I had just gotten home and was pulling into park at my house when all of a sudden my engine shut off, not the battery because all the lights were working but my phones AUX cut off and the only movement left was what was rolling. As of now the car wont start and im getting a car with a lock symbol blinking on my dash. I was told this was a issue with the anti theft but I have no idea how to fix this issue. I looked around and seen this is a common issue but no one really helped when it came to fixing the issue. The key will turn but the steering wheel wont.
Disconnect the battery. you may have a control module that is failing or getting a bad signal. If you have any aftermarket electronic equipment installed, you might want to pull the plug on them. Fiesta is a CANBUS vehicle. It may have issues in various systems if there is an additional draw on a circuit that has a very specific voltage requirement. Make sure any non stock things are disconnected or off, then reconnect the battery after you inspect the terminals to be certain you have a good, clean contact surface. That is the first and only free thing I would do.