The Bad Mav Project

Greetings, people of the Internet. I’ve got my hands pretty full with this crazy car project that I’m slowly working on. Its mostly thinking about the project, which steps to take first, and how to make things work. So here’s my question...

I have a 1979 Fiesta (Bad Mav) and currently it’s sitting on 13 inch, four bolt, rims. Eventually, because of all the horsepower I’ll one day be putting down, I’ll need larger brakes (preferably all rotors). How does one go about doing this?? I also want to go from 4 lug bolts to 5 lug nuts/studs and 15 inch rims. I know you can buy an adaptor but I’d rather not.

What do I need people? I feel like I’m either over thinking it or there’s a lot of different factors and I’m trying to over simplify it.

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