Share your Ford Fiesta Purchase Deals!



Dont remember if I posted here or another site on my deal so im gonna post mine again if so :)

Fully Equpped,Tux Blk, Orange Recs, $1500 off $26,155 MSRP, Got 11k for my 06 TL, 0% interest 60mo, free ST all weather mats, Wheel Locks and First free oil change. For some reason no Ford dealers Ive visited give free oil changes or maintenance unlike other dealers on the other side of the country. I was asking for more free stuff like winter wheel and tire setup but was pushing my luck LOL.
I did a whole month of research on this car online and visiting about 5 dealers with test drives...almost test drove every color LOL.

Took alot of patience while putting my anxiety in the back seat and Learned how to calculate quotes and how to speak to these dealers. One thing I hated was dealing with the middle men salemen that dont know shit and keep running to the manager for questions. I went straight for the Sales managers or (aka string pullers). Some refused cause it was policy till I threatened to leave.

I didnt even want moonroof nor navi but the orange recaros was a must especially in a black car. There was a P Blue with wheel and smoke recs option 60miles from me but the black and orange just kept calling me :)

I know I didnt get the sweetest deal but i think i got a decent deal compared to other dealers in the tri state area.


#64 Canadians r getting ripped off!!...
I got my 2014 FiST fully loaded with taxes for $30,000.oo (suppose to be @ $33,000)

-0% for 72mths
-Free-Winter tires and rims & pressure sensors

Might of been able to squeeze another $1000 - 1500...
But all n all I'm happy...

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You do get some more standard features but for the most part you do pay more. I has to do with the tariffs more than anything.
A couple of days ago I ordered two 2014 Fiesta Sedan SEs with the 1.0 litre engine configuration and comfort package. Both come with the black exterior but are differentiated by the light and dark interior options.

In Alaska one generally pays full price plus for a new vehicle... which is the case with this deal, but I did get a $1500 per vehicle rebate that was available so I don't feel too bad about it.

March 15 Update: Both vehicles rolled off the assembly line this last week. I should have them in a month or so.
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Hi to all,
We are a new rent a car in Albania and we want to change some vehicles from skoda Fabia to FOrd Fiesta.
Our goal is to reduce the purchase price in 1500 euro.

Do you have any suggestion about the maintenance cost per 150000 km. We want to ensure that this is a good investment in long run

Thanks a lot