New owner 2019 FiST Central FL


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I bought a new 2013 Mustang when i was younger and dumber, was lucky to get out of the loan after 3 years with enough money to buy a 2006 Toyota Camry 4 cyl for $2000, drove the camry for 5 years and matured a good deal in that time, been dreaming of driving an enjoyable car for years, finally in the financial position to do so again.

with the Ford cars being discontinued I found a deal too good to pass up. Got a new 2019 Magnetic FiST for 18,800 out the door. I love this car so much, the joy I feel waking up and driving a FUN car everyday is indescribable. Tinting scheduled, motor mount, short shifter, and shift knob already on the way, wont tune until bumper to bumper warranty is out, car is plenty fun enough as is anyways.

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