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2019 Ford Fiesta ST-Line
Hello Folks! I have dreamed of owning a Fiesta ST for the past 7 years now. My fiance and I just purchased a brand new 2019 Ford Fiesta ST Line in white two weeks ago. I am a law school student, and although I dreamt and was initially determined to own a Ford Fiesta ST after having test drove several, my fiancé did not want to learn how to drive a manual no matter what so we had to come to a compromise. In Los Angeles and SoCal traffic, for my lifestyle, it makes little sense to drive a manual car from a practical standpoint, so when I saw the ST-Line, it had the aesthetic qualities I loved about the ST, but with that automatic feature for the fiance. It is as if this car was built for my current life stage. We did agree that someday though(I Got It In Writing) that I would be able to get a white Fiesta ST(Recaro Seats & fifteen52 Wheels) for my own personal enjoyment, and although I feel a hole inside because this ST-Line isn't exactly what I wanted with its sheep in wolf's clothing looks, I still find that this is a great car and does that commuter thing very well. I am still on my first full tank of gas from the dealership, and it has little appointments to the interior that make it unique such as the cloth covered ST-Line embroidered seats. In a way I appreciate how clean the ST-Line looks compared to the regular ST. This is my very first Ford and brand new car I have personally owned after having been through several pre-owned Toyotas, and now, I feel a sense of honor to be apart of the Fiesta club. It is just a shame that Ford is discontinuing the Fiesta despite how awesome they really are!

The only things I plan to change or modify on this car are the wheels and lug nuts, and perhaps someday, if I don't get an ST by then, convert the back drum brakes to disc brakes. I am not into the OEM black wheels or any of the stock Ford wheels, so wasted no time in purchasing a set of Speed Silver fifteen52 Tarmacs to put on this car. I initially wanted to do the mismatch with the Turbomacs in the front and the Tarmacs in the back, but we will see!
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