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How many are waiting for the Mountune MT215 kit?


I spoke with Mountune and they said they plan to have the tune fairly soon for NA. Part of me want to get the Cobb and the other wants to get the full Mountune MT215 kit

My 2013 Fiesta ST MP215 review

Postby Josh ? Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:10 pm

Right, here's my little review on the MP215 package and my Mountune experience in general.

I left home at 07.30 this morning and took a leisurely drive along to Mountune HQ in Hutton, Essex. I arrived just before 08.30 and first impressions were very good. There was someone there ready to greet me outside and direct me where to park my car.

I parked up and walked into the reception where the friendly receptionist asked my name before calling Doug to come and meet me. He turned up, we had a quick chat etc and then got on with business. We went into the waiting room where he offered me a tea or coffee, before asking me if I'd like anything else while I was there.

Once I'd explained to him what I wanted (MP215 package and a set of mats), he went off to get the card machine etc.

Once everything had been paid for, he took the keys, made me another coffee and left me in the waiting room. There were plenty of magazines to read, along with a TV and DVD player, with a couple of Ford DVDs. There are also a few of their parts in glass cabinets for you to have a look at (probably to try and get you to spend more money :laugh:)

The wait in the waiting room seemed like the longest experience of my life to be honest.

When Doug came back, he showed me through all the paperwork and my warranties etc. We then went outside for me to pop the mats in before being shown around the Mountune HQ.

What a place that is. They've got some amazing cars in there, and the work that they're doing sounds amazing. We spoke briefly about what the next ST package could "potentially" be, and I'm looking forward to seeing that released.

After having a look around, we took a walk back outside to the car before I left.

When I jumped into the car and fired it up, it seemed to have very slightly more noise than standard, but that may have been a placebo as I was expecting to hear more noise.

I started the car three times to check for any faults etc before driving off.

To begin with, I drove the car slowly, to see how the "normal" driving is. I was pretty shocked to find that it felt NO different to standard. It's really quite impressive, as you normally sacrifice part-throttle when having the car mapped for performance. Not with this.

I then decided to open it up on a little stretch of straight road just before entering back on to the A127. The surge is really quite impressive, and the torque seems unrelenting. It's so smooth that you don't realise quite how quickly you're going until you look down at the speedo :eek:. The noise from the turbo and in the cabin is also even louder noise. You get a lovely whoosh from the turbo as it starts spooling, along with a much louder "Pssht" as you let off.

Pulling away quickly in first, the tyres now give a little skip as you throw it into second gear. As said in the other review, second, third and fourth gear are quite amazing now. Fifth and sixth are very easy for cruising in, but with plenty of low-down torque to get you out of trouble, should you need it.

I then took the car along the dual-carriageway for the majority of the journey home. Leaving it in sixth nearly the whole way, I still managed to average 40+mpg the entire way home.

When I got close to home, i decided to take to the country lanes by me for a bit of a "hoon". This is there the package really shines. Down the lanes it was simply pulling and pulling, without any sign of giving up. Out of the bends, it's got much more "oompf" than before, and it simply pulls you through.

There's also strange Vtec like "kick" at about 5,000rpm, as Nick mentioned in his review. It's quite impressive, as where is started to die off on the standard map, it seems to pin you back more in your seat.

This is the car that the ST should have been as standard IMO. It's simply brilliant, I can't fault the car in any way now.

Overall, I'm very impressed with upgrade, and Mountune's service in general. I'd definitely recommend it and them to anyone who's considering an upgrade :thumbsup:

Here are a couple of pictures to wet your appetite...
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