Ford Fiesta Flite 1.4i 2002 Immobilizer issue?

South Africa
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2002 Ford Fiesta 1.4i 3 door
Good day, i have a ford fiesta flite 1.4i 2002 model that will not turn over when i try and start. I am guessing that it has a immobilizer issue, its a new battery, fully charged, this problem has been coming for a while now and has happened in the past, at first there is a will delay with the start process for a few seconds then it gets progressively worse over time, and after a while it just doesn't want to start, had a new ECU put in about 7 months ago, it fixed the problem for about a month then it started coming back slowly, today it doesn't want to start at all, so I am planning on taking it in for a new ECU but if it broke in the past, then i don't just want to waste money again, i've checked fuses, checked wires,took off terminal connections and put them together for about 2 hours to reset the ECU, still no luck. Any advice is much appreciated.

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