First time Fiesta buyer

Thanks for having me aboard. The repair shop messed up the steering on my 1996 Ranger and couldn?t repair it. So I had to trade it Friday. I traded it for a 2017 Fiesta SE 5DR with low mileage. Like 22,000 miles.
New to this type forum. IMG_3730.jpg

Very briefly, I drove 30 miles to my home Friday, from the dealership. Noticed the fuel gauge needle had not moved. At all. I topped off the vehicle. I couldn’t get 1/2 a gallon in it. I went 30 miles on half a gallon.

Now, this pic - if it goes through, shows my trip odometer at 88.2 miles. Notice the needle of the gas gauge has not moved - at all.

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I’m driving to and from work and so far have 88.2 miles with no movement of the gas gauge needle.

Now, all I have read are lackluster fuel efficiency reports of like 35 mpg.

I’m not making this stuff up. Maybe I have an oddball Fiesta that gets real good mpg.

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Came out to 40.96 mpg this first time around. I wasn’t able to set a strict 55 mph on flat, level highway. I had to go 65 at least half the time, and went up hills. I’m still getting used to the Fiesta. I was on the fence about it the first couple of times I drove it to work, but I’m warming up to it now.

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