External temperature sensor

I purchased my 2016 Ford Fiesta from a dealer in the summer of 2017. At that time I was able to see the external outside temperature on the dashboard. Not long after we had the car my husband took it in for an oil change. After that we noticed that display had disappeared. I’ve checked the web and YouTube and cannot find pics of this. Our dealer wants over $100 for diagnostic testing which is not covered under warranty. I just want to see if it’s worth it in trying to fux
Do you have the larger Sync 3 screen?

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My husband and I are positive it was on the car when we purchased it. It seemed to disappear when we took the vehicle to the mechanic for an oil change.
I would first go to the owners manual and see what it says about the external thermometer. The mechanic might have fumbled through the vehicle menu when resetting the maintenance monitor. He might have deselected the readout.