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2014 Ford Fiesta P090C and P2610


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I’ll try and keep this short but there is a lot of info.

A couple months ago out of the blue my wife was driving the fiesta and she calls me saying it’s shifting very harshly and won’t go past 30mph. She pulls over into a parking lot and I head over to her. We swap vehicles, at first it didn’t wanna start, couple tries it does. No reverse, luckily she parked somewhere I could pull through. Drove slowly to autozone and scanned, P2610 (engine off timer performance). Left autozone, engine light was still on but now driving normally. The next day light went away by itself and driving normally, thought it was a false positive or something that temporarily glitched out and let it be.

Few days later same symptoms and code return, after a week of testing different things and clearing the code finally found out it was a dirty MAP sensor causing the P2610. During that week a couple times I saw the P090C code but it said “not present code” so I paid it no attention and thought it was a side effect of the other code.

While all that diagnosis went on I noticed I needed a new belt, my first stretch belt. Ordered one online, cut the old one off, destroyed the new one trying to get it on. Had to order a new one and was able to get it on the second try. So it was down for about another week or so.

Finally after all that started driving it again, few days after that, same symptoms returned and engine light, this time only a P090C (clutch B actuator control circuit low). Immediately started googling. First thing it said was to replace the clutch b actuator. Upon further research one guy said to swap the top and bottom actuators to see if the code follows it or not to determine if it’s actually the actuator.

Took about an hour but I swapped the actuators and wiped the code. Drove it around for a while and it drove fine, no engine light. Let it sit for a couple hours and then had to go somewhere. Engine light came on as I pulled out of the driveway. Same symptoms and same P090C code. After some googling it said in that case it’s the TCM.

Does anyone else have experience with this? I’ve read a lot of forums about these crappy transmissions but I can’t find one with this exact problem. Are the p2610 and p090c codes related? Or was it a huge coincidence? And does it sound like a bad TCM? I found out if it’s the TCM it’s covered under an extended warranty. But if I take it to the dealer and they try and tell me it’s not the TCM I’d have to pay a $400 diagnostic fee. Plus the dealer is weeks out for appointments.

Not sure what I should do, this car has been a nightmare, any help/advice greatly appreciated! Sorry for the long post, wanted it to be thorough.
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These are oftentimes related to the power level the device (actuator) can pull in current and still keep enough voltage to make the solenoids in the actuator complete the process without "dropping out" (a cycling event to complete the task)

So I'd start looking into the wiring and condition of the battery and power wires from it to the TCM.

A weak battery will make the TCM unable to complete an actuate - release - shift - actuate - apply, cycle due to the TCM can't give the solenoids enough power to complete the task. And that is because either the wiring is corroded or the battery and it's wiring is badly/poorly corroded.

You had problems with the serpentine belt - it might need more work, like replacing the alternator - replacing the alternator after about 5 ~ 7 years with a new or rebuilt one along with the new belt is cheap insurance