2012 fiesta exhaust manifold replacement help??

Hello, my name is Andrew and I?m new here. I need to replace my exhaust manifold but I?m stuck doing it at my house on the ground with jacks and stands. I am in the middle of replacing the manifold..... but I?m having trouble getting just enough clearance on the top between the valve cover and the plastic vents along the bottom of the windshield to remove it out the top. So far I have loosened the passenger side mount, rear mount, and plastic vent ducting along the windshield... I?m still needing about 2?-3? more clearance for the cat to clear the valve cover. Do I need to loosen the trans mount as well and use my cherry picker to support the engine and lower it a little more .... or is there anything else I can do that I haven?t mentioned yet??? I also just read on a focus forum that a guy only needed to loosen the passenger side mount to body bolts and used a prybar to pull the motor forward enough to slip the manifold right out. Might this also possibly work for the fiesta seeing that it?s a close to same setup???