Winter Tires, Lets hear what you think



The 205/40/17 Blizzaks on the stock rims do well through 3-4 inches of snow & slop up here in WI. Too bad it takes forever for the heater to actually blow hot air...but I'll make the frigid sacrifice and grin & bear it.
Yup and the auto function isn't the best for keeping fog free windows..


I'm sorry for the bad pics but for anyone who wanted to know how 15in looks, well there it is. Setup is 185/60r15, the steel wheel p/n is different for the ST model v.s. Reg Fiesta's. so be aware, if you get some, and make sure the shop order the right wheels.
How about Tire Pressue? Any change with 17' downs to 15'?

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And I just received my winter setup. Blizzak WS70 185/60/15 on some steelies from tire rack. Don't even have my car and I have the Wheels hahaha.
So did I. My friends have some great jokes on that - like they would understand. A lot of members in this community did get their winter rubber in advance.

Ford has a winter package deal in Canada - offered me a set of 15" on steel wheels, sensors, installation et al for $900 CAD + tax. When I asked for alloys instead of steel wheels, it was $1500 more. I was too shocked to even reply!