Oxygen Sensors

Recently i was experiencing low gas milage(eating lot of gas) on my fiesta. I just thought of oxygen sensors...doest fiesta has oxygen sensors? If there is, where is it located? So i can replace it. By the way mine is 45k miles... Is it time to replace the sensors if theres any? Thanks in advance


Yes the Fiesta has two O2 sensors, one in front of the catalytic convertor and one after. If your car doesn't have any check engine light appearing or rough idle there's no need to replace it, you can just wait until the CEL comes on or replace it at 60k miles if you want to do preventative maintenance.
Ok... As of now im not experiencing those 2 situations... And Thank you for the advice. I'll just note this on my 60k miles reading maintenance. Thanks MKVIIST our doctor [thumb]