Nothing but problems!!!

This is my first post here.

I have a 2013 Fiesta sedan. I bought it used from a Ford dealership at the end of January. I have had nothing but issues with this thing. Took it in for a cabin pressure issue. Turns out it was the cabin release vent not working right. I then took it in for my speaker being blown, still not fixed. Then there was a recall with the emission system. Then with 19503 miles on the car my catalytic converter goes out! Why would this go out so quickly?!?!
Sorry to hear about your problems man. I haven't had any problems with my '14.
Thanks. They ended up changing both th catalytic converter and the exhaust manifold. I have also called Ford and have complained about my issues. I love the car, just the problems suck!


Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear about your issues too. Hopefully the latest fix will address your problems.
Thanks it is driving ten times better. I love this car. It's my first newer car, plan on keeping her toll she dies.
That's why the previous owner got rid of it. Problem after problem. I put up with mine for four long problem filled years. In the last few months of ownership mine needed two shaft seals, struts, and a bearing. It was developing an intermittent brake problem. I scheduled an appointment for a repair the day I picked it up! The the problems just kept coming. My new Honda has 25,000 miles and zero problems. Zero. Gas milage is at worst, 3 mpgs less. Much quicker too. My Fiesta was the biggest automotive mistake I've made.

Good luck.