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Next Ford Fiesta Arriving in 2017


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Everybody has seen the test mule for the next-generation Fiesta supermini testing in Germany. However, Ford has remained tight-lipped about the car and what its arrival will mean for small car market.

But Italian magazine Omni Auto seems to have a few details, or at least an interesting rendering to check out. According to them, the Fiesta's seventh incarnation will look a lot like all the other Fords, borrowing elements from the Mondeo and Focus facelift. That's perfectly fine, since the fake Aston Martin look has many fans.

But the platform used by the car will not be an all-new one, as Ford will instead update the existing underpinnings. That's also understandable since other manufacturers have done the same in the past two years: Skoda Fabia, Polo facelift, Opel Corsa, etc.

But it will be slightly longer and wider than the current model, which is something we've noticed by looking at the test prototype. In fact, some people were even mislead into thinking Ford is making an RS model due to the flares that were added. The current Fiesta model was introduced in 2008, making it one of the oldest cars in this segment and suffers from a lack of headroom and an undersized trunk.

In the engine department, Ford is said to drop the 1.4-liter entirely, replacing it with the 1.0 EcoBoost. This 3-cylinder turbo engine accounts for the majority of sales in Europe, so it's only natural to continue offering it. A 1.5-liter TDCi diesel will also be offered in various versions.

Omni reports that both the new Fiesta and the EcoSport crossover that's supposed to be made in Romania may eventually have Vignale versions. This is Ford's designation for premium trim levels and improved customer experiences. By venturing into the small premium car segment, the American company will rival the Audi A1, MINI and DS3. We take that with a grain of salt, since there's nothing premium about the EcoSport.

While the new Fiesta may be revealed before the end of 2016, it most certainly won't be marketed until 2017.

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