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2017 Fiesta S
Hey all. I just bought a one owner 2017 Ford Fiesta S with 67,000 miles for $5500. I had been researching cars and searching for a car in the catagory for the last year. I was looking for a good deal on either a Fit, Fiesta, Versa or Yaris. I was leaning toward Fiesta being that I’m a Ford guy at heart. I knew I wanted a manual especially if a Fiesta. So when I came across the deal on this one I Ubered two hours yesterday to the dealership and bought it. It’s almost exactly what I wanted, even the colorThe only thing is I would have preferred a hatch instead of sedan.

I have always had a Ranger and or a Mustang until 2013 when I totaled my two year old Ranger and bought a Tacoma. The Tacoma is getting too modded to be a daily driver even though I drive less than 3,000 miles a year. So I wanted something cheap, reliable and basically a utilitarian type vehicle which I would have no interest in modding. Wouldn’t you know that after driving this little go kart like handling machine I can’t stop thinking about mods.

So today I tinted the windows. A long time friend owns a business next door to where I work and he hooked me up. I’m about to order a dash cam in the next day or two when I decide on one. I will hard wire it. I’m also going to upgrade the stereo (even though I’m pleased with the quality of the factory sound. Not bad for the cheapest car Ford sells) since I have a couple component speakers, amps and a sub left over from a previous vehicle. I’m also eyeing a set of 17” Focus alloy wheels which brings me to the question, Will they fit?

Anyway, I look forward to reading more about other’s experiences, plans and mods to these cars.

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