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Looking for Advice re the 1.0 Ecoboost Turbo Engine


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United Kingdom
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2013 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost S
Hey all,
I am looking at purchasing my Son a 2013 Fiesta Zetec S 1.0t ecoboost car and have heard from several people in the car business (the odd mechanic ) that the 1.0 ecoboost turbo engine should be avoided and that there are nothing but problems with this engine, some people have even had the engine blow up ??
Any owners put my mind at rest and state they have not had these issues ?
Thanks in advance for any responses

Handy Andy

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Grand Rapids
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2018 Ford Fiesta SE HB
Many original car owners have had wonderful times with them, but often trade them in - so when you have had all the fun - the car is left sitting in a lot somewhere - so it sits, and sits, and sits some more - lack of use in older cars is usually what kills the ability to rev up - the battery discharges, the oil sits and cokes or dries - the system is not used often - so the sitting forms rust on the rotors and drums and even affects the fuel tank (moisture condensate) so yes, some Urban myths are somewhat reliable as in they won't last long if not kept up and used often to keep seals and oil pumped thru their systems.

So used vehicles have their quirks - Turbos are a set of piping that adds a level of complexity and maintenance that unless you can afford to spend some investment to restore its OEM conditions - you might be better off buying a NA (Normally Aspirated) engine or vehicle used - for they are more common, and less likely to have been taxed for torque like the 1.0L would normally be used for and in situations a NA car owner would just mash the throttle over and get by.

You have to realize that what 1.0 turbod' models are somewhat weak unless the owner is in dire demand of power - a 1.6L or even the 1.4L NA types can do the job without the turbo that is using the plumbing I'm speaking of.

So, someone selling a 1.0L might have realized an issue that can arise later and be very expensive to fix - even if the car has not shown any symptoms. So, you'll have to think about miles driven and how well it's been maintained - it's up to you.