How-To: Fiesta ST debadging


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Debadged my Fiesta ST today, figured I should do a how to for anyone who is interested in removing the Fiesta logo as well.

Items Needed:
1) Hair Dryer
2) 2-3 feet of dental floss
3) 2-3 Microfiber towels
4) Car polish
5) Wax Applicator Pad

Step 1 - Make sure your hatch is clean.

Step 2 - Get about 2 to 3ft of dental floss and fold it in half so you can double its strength.

Step 3 - Lay a couple of towels along the bumper just in case the badge breaks while debadging.

Step 4 - Use a hair dryer to heat up the badge, be careful as to not hold it too close to the paint. Keep it about 5 inches away.

Step 5 - As soon as the badge gets warm to the touch, you can slide the floss underneath the badge and in a zig-zag motion pull the floss back towards you.

Step 6 - Gently lift the badge away.

Step 7 - Remove the remaining double-sided tape. You may need to use the hair dryer to warm up the double-sided tape before removing.

Step 8 - Apply a small amount of polish to ensure you remove all the tape residues.

Step 9 - Buff the polish away.

Step 10 - End result.



Now move the st badge to the right for the added hp :D

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