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Frustrating dying


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2012 fiesta SES manual
Hello, my 2012 SES manual is having issues. Initially it would run 40-45 min and then sputter and die. Then it went into anti therefore mode and wasn’t able to be brought out. So I had the ECU board professional inspected and resoldered. Now it runs 40-55 mins then starts sputtering and I shut it off before it dies. Once it starts sputtering the exhaust smells terrible. I put a new crankshaft position sensor in and it did the same thing. It threw two codes before I installed the sensor u029f and p0017 which let me to replace the sensor.
1. It’s still the board
2.plugged cat converter?
3.something else with a temp related issues.

I need to get it fixed so I can sell it. We’ve had it for a 3rd car for 6 months and it’s had a lot of issues despite being a clean one owner with 90k on it. At first I loved it. My wife wanted it to drive a stick shift and that was false! I have a family member who was going to trade in their 04 Corolla S they bought new and it has 44k on it so that’s my replacement.

any idea or thoughts would be great!

Handy Andy

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2018 Ford Fiesta SE HB
I think you meant "Limp in" mode.

Thats a coolant / water pump issue and can mean a failed pump or bad spindle from the serpentine belt pulley not turning the vanes inside behind that cover inside the motor to cool the system - which by codes - may indicate a timing belt is on it's way out.

The smell is from the "rich" condition the catalytic converter has to go thru to process the new richer exhaust and unburned fuel (it alternates firing cylinder banks to make the 4-cylinder car work more like a 2 cycle motor with only two cylinders - it's trying to cool off) when it gets too hot and goes into this limp in mode.

These two kinda remind me to inpsect wiring and make sure your grounds from the battery and sensors are good.

If the engine has not been too abused you might want to invest in and get it fixed and possibly save it for resale as prices rise again.

I own a Manual myself and would not trade it for any new automatic on the market - due to their various performance curves they work under - from pokey CVT - don't do this to a Semi on the highway operation - onto the sheer terror of hybridized electrical and combustion working together to light the tires under it into strips of smoking Firestone left in the street with bizarre looks from those waiting at the light for spinning plastic pieces to start rolling bouncing across the street - for who would know where the vehicle will wind up at...

Well, actually I do, but the glory of it's days are long gone as it is left rusting in insurance claim yards and resale lots with questionable titles and a lot scratches and scrapes - many of these get pushed pulled yanked into service shops so they can make easy money off them as they rebuild them back to "normal" operation.

It's a living...
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