Ford to continue U.S. spec Fiesta into May 2019....

That is a huge surprise. I imagine the rental fleets.Will be flooded with Fiestas.they are not in demand at the retail level. Dealers have no enthusiasm for em either.
It's been years since I've seen a Fiesta on my local Ford lot.

Ford sounds like it will be discontinuing all cars in the next few years except for the Mustang and one Focus that really is a crossover. It sounded this is world wide. I've seen dates as soon as 2020 and 2022. I've heard the doom and gloom people say what will happen when gas goes up again. Well, if you are driving an older SUV, you'll be happy with a new SUV, even in the same size. MPG's have made a steady climb over the years. There are compact SUV's getting mpg's in the mid 30's.
Order bank closes on March 29 th. Then the plant will build Fiesta's until the orders are fulfilled. My guess is that the last job will roll off the line in late May or early June.