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Ford Fiesta ST Mountune 212bhp and 236lbft


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United States
Mountune which will soon be coming stateside plans to offer a large assortment of upgrades for the Ford Fiesta ST.

The recent Mountune upgrade consists of an ECU upgrade for ?599($795) which bumps the power to 212bhp and 236lbft shaves a cool three-tenths of a second off it's 0-62mph run. This will give it a 0-60mph time in under 6.5 seconds.

What is it?
The Ford Fiesta ST: one of the best new hot hatchbacks we’ve tested lately and – manna from heaven for a road tester – a car whose greatness depends not a jot on optional equipment.

There is one alloy wheel and tyre combination (you can have the former painted if you like), one body style, one suspension set-up and one transmission. It’s just impossible to buy a badly specced car.

The options list is beautifully brief, too, the most expensive item on it being Molten Orange paint at ?725. There is, however, one new option for the Fiesta ST, which threatens to add a hint of complication to a blissfully simple buying process: an engine upgrade offered by Essex tuner Mountune Performance.

What is it like?
The waters haven't been muddied too much, because you should just have it. ‘It’ will cost you ?599 at any Mountune-accredited Ford dealer. ‘It’ doesn’t affect your Ford warranty. ‘It’ consists of a new airbox, filter, hose and an ECU remap.

And ‘it’ takes the Fiesta’s 1.6-litre engine to 212bhp and 236lb ft and shaves three-tenths of a second off its 0-62mph sprint. To 60mph, the difference is big enough to make a Mountune Ford Fiesta ST a sub-6.5sec car.

In everyday driving, you notice several improvements. The extra torque means you can often sweep into motorway gaps without changing down. The extra power, meanwhile, chimes in with a hard-edged flare of combustion noise at 4500rpm, and allows you to get much closer to the red line before the engine runs short of breath in classic turbo fashion. That in itself makes flat-chat acceleration more exciting.

The rest of the ST experience is unaltered, and brilliant. You’ll love the way the car grips at the front wheels and pivots under your backside. You’ll love how directly it steers and refuses to roll.

Fast Ford devotees will probably even love the slightly yobby, track-car-hard ride. Passengers may not agree, of course. But you’ll be having so much fun that you honestly won’t care.

Should I buy one?
Absolutely. In a hot supermini class filling up with monotone and mediocrity, this engine kit makes one more distinguishing feature on a quite outstanding driver’s car. One that effortlessly transcends its nearest rivals, like the Peugeot 208 GTI, and demands consideration in an altogether broader sense.

Truth is, you could spend ?30k on a hot hatchback this year and end up not having as much fun as you would in an ?18k Ford Fiesta ST. This is something of a masterstroke.

Ford Fiesta ST Mountune
Price ?17,594; 0-60mph 6.4sec; Top speed TBC; Economy TBC; CO2 TBC; Kerbweight 1163kg; Engine 4cyls, 1596cc, turbocharged, petrol; Power 212bhp at 6000rpm; Torque 236lb ft at 2750-3500rpm; Gearbox 6-spd manual


Awesome, I had hoped they were coming stateside. Any idea if like over in the U.K. if this will not void your warranty?


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Awesome, I had hoped they were coming stateside. Any idea if like over in the U.K. if this will not void your warranty?
Unless you get a junk tune which blows up your motor, tuning is relatively safe when purchased from a reputable tuner and will not void your warranty.[thumb]


I wouldn't want to touch my car. Especially if I'm only getting an extra 15hp. I'll stick with stock Ford parts. Thanks, but, no thanks. LOL...


I wouldn't want to touch my car. Especially if I'm only getting an extra 15hp. I'll stick with stock Ford parts. Thanks, but, no thanks. LOL...
Its not about the HP gains, look at the Torque gains, from the now posted 202 or 214 depending on where you're reading, to 235 lb ft. thats sexy. and question is. is that only with program? or program + intake + exhaust?

if thats only program, just think of it with intake + exhaust added.


just looked at the upgrade and it doesn't touch the exhaust side of the house, so you can add a little extra there if you like.


What I have heard so far is the cat back is fine where the restriction in this car seems to be is the intake and the intake temps once you get the CAI developed and a better or bigger FMIC then you should look at the exhaust .. though to swap it (cat back) out for lighter weight and better (personal choice here) sound you will have that... not to say COBB stage 3 won't have a cat back but to be cost effective it looks like the route is
1. better tires
2. CAI with Tune
3. FMIC with tune
4. cat back (with Cat delete if allowed by local Gov.) ;) with tune...
5-10 anything else you think will make you faster like stickers !!! LOL
Common thing is a tune you wont get much gain without telling the car to use the new go fast parts and with that goes the whole debate about warranty if you go other places than maybe Mountune here in NA.. I have not heard anything about them here yet so not sure if we get the same deal as the EU on warranty. Though I have heard some rumbblings about Ford racing coming up with a few things too .. time will tell and I am betting the SEMA show in Nov. will be fun to watch what comes of that .. Once again this is only my Opinion your situation may require a different route..


to hell with it, doing a 2.0L swap from Focus ST, and the awd out of the Fusion. lol JK, but that would be awesome.