Ford Fiesta banned from SCCA Autocross for rollover risk

If owners install the Ford Racing FR-3 lowering springs and matched damper kit the basic Fiesta IS ALLOWED to participate. I personally have done this to my Then new 11 Fiesta hatchback.
I have never felt that the Fiesta was unstable with this kit. And, i will also say that i have spun the car out oncourse during both wet and dry events. It never felt like it would flip over. This needed to be said! The Fiesta can be a fun starter car for learning to autox.
Hmm. This may have to be researched some more by the original article.

If you have 2-wheeling going on, someone has tricked more than Traction Control.

Because of a violation like this, everyone else suffers...

Corvair? Wow, Dad had to let his burn down on the side of the road because of an oil leak...:cry: LOONG time ago...on a freeway far, far away...

Ralph Nader was epic for his ability to advocate for a cause he was convinced was worth campaigning for