Fiesta ST subwoofer wiring project


I just ordered my stuff to do the Bazooka bass tube wiring this weekend. Will post an update once I get everything installed. If you guys have any questions let me know.

Amp Wiring Kit

Adjustable LOC

10" Bazooka Bass Tube

T-400 RF Amp


After the first day this is what I have so far, again please feel free and let me know if you have any questions.

Runing the wire from the engine bay to the interior.

I used a small drill bit to put a small hole through the rubber grommet. Will be filling that up with a bit of silicone.

For the amp remote wire (which turns the amp on and off with the ignition) I used a t-tap and connected to the Brown/Yellow wire underneath the dash.

To run the wires to the rear, you really don't need to remove all the kick panels. You can just pull back the weather striping and there is enough clearance to run the wires through.

To make it easier you can just remove the rear seat bottom to run the wires to the rear. I got tired and forgot to take some pictures with the seat bottom out.

For connecting the PAC Adapter, you need to locate the speaker wires inside the passenger B-Pillar. You will need to pop out the panel for better access.

Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown/White to PAC Grey & White.
Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/Blue to PAC Black/Grey & Black/White

Connect the RCA Cables to the PAC. You will need to run the RCA cables to the rear to send the signals to the amp.

Use a piece of double-sided tape so you can mount the PAC Adapter inside the B-Pillar. There's enough room underneath the seatbelt.

For the ground wire, I just used self tapping screws and attached it to an area behind the panel.

Covered it up with electrical tape as a precaution.

Rear hatch with power and remote wires coming from the driver side.

Rear hatch with RCA and ground wire coming from the passenger side.

Finish product.

Next step I'll be working on getting the amp and subwoofer mounted.


Bloody Excellent MK, the same place I run my wires through the fire wall. Were you cursing the battery and ABS unit.


Thanks guys. Glad everyone found it helpful.

Bloody Excellent MK, the same place I run my wires through the fire wall. Were you cursing the battery and ABS unit.
LOL yeah it took me a couple of attempts with multiple scratches on my hand to get the wire through there. All in the end it was worth it.


Plastic Vinyl installation.

Installing the straps.

2" Wide Velcro.

Testing Subwoofer