Double DIN radio fascia and Hazard switch

I am selling a black double din radio fascia without the Ford Sync screen cover as well as a OEM hazard / locking mechanism control switch. The parts were never used and did not fit my vehicle. The double DIN fascia I'm selling for $38 and the OEM Ford hazard switch I'm selling for $11 but if they are bought together can be sold at $46. I'm located in Central Texas and buyer pays for shipping. Listed here are the links to the items eBay addresses. But as stated above if you're interested in buying both items let me know.

I forgot to mention that this fascia will fit a 2008 to 2011 Ford Fiesta

Update the Ford Hazard switch has been sold.
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This facia is not intended for a North American market Fiesta. The picture on the link clearly shows silver bezel housing the the fan speed and temp blendoor controls. So it is for some other market.
Yes I'm aware that this fascia is not meant for North American Market but if someone is willing to modify stock parts to integrate this fascia into their vehicle they are welcome to it I couldn't do it because I ran out of funds and patience. It blows me away that a double din fascia is not available in North American Market that's why I went overseas to find it and now this double DIN fascia could be yours for the low price of $38. Update on the first post the hazard switch has been sold.