"Unsupported Device" with MyFord Sync


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Hello all,
I have a 2015 Ford Fiesta SE. I have been using a 64 gig USB drive loaded with music to play through sync. I decided to upgrade to a compact 128 gig drive. Now, it was originally formated under the exFat system and loaded my music to it. When I plugged that into the USB port it was initializing and then came up as "Unsupported Device." I ended up formatting my original 64 gig USB drive also as exFat and put music back on it only to get the same result. Upon further investigation, I read that the USB needed to be formatted to Fat32. I downloaded a program to do that since Windows 10 does not support Fat32 anymore. I formated both drives as fat32 and put music on them. I tried the 128 gig first and still got the unsupported device error. I put the 64 gig in and it took a little bit but was able to read it. My Sync is not the touch screen. It is the basic one that shows titles, temp, direction. I could not find anywhere that stated there was a size cap that Sync could not read. In fact, I was reading that people had 250 gig hard drives in their vehicles. I am just wondering if there is a way to get my 128 gig USB drive to work in my car. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you very much.
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