Thank you for letting me learn from you

several years of poor choices led me to somewhat being forced into a 2013 fiesta SE hatchback last friday (4/20/18) but now i am motivated to make the best of it. ive been driving jeep cherokees for the last decade so it is quite a bit different, but i am getting used to it. I was told to make sure to change the timing belt on this car if it is an interference engine but i don't know how to tell if it is one or not, or whether it is a timing belt or chain i have, as it is under a casing. I'll figure it out as I go. Any and all advice is appreciated.
I think the owners manual has a recommended service schedule. The timing belt is a longer life version, so will last well over 50,000 miles. My first car broke one at 35,000 miles, but that's another story.

Do you drive in the snow. Tires make a huge difference. Get good ones if you drive in the snow, or even if you don't. The original one on my were awful in the snow, rain, and even dry pavement. Got some Perrelli's, it was like a different car.