need help with my fiesta

i just bought a fiesta last month and i was thinking of adding performance parts to it, its a 2014 se and i was wondering if i can turn it into an st since it has the same 1.6l that the st already comes with i just don't have the turbo...or if anyone has tips on what upgrades i should do to it please let me know so far i want to put a k&n cai and upgrade the suspension because its really stiff and annoying

this is my first ford car i want my experience to be a nice one ....i just sold my camaro
Welcome to the site and congrats. You're going to be a long way from turning a regular Fiesta into an ST in terms of performance. The 1.6 that comes with the ST has completely different internals which enables it to handle more power. I've owned both and I can tell you they are totally different in every which way.

You can probably turn it into an ST look-a-like in terms of body parts and suspension, sadly there's not much in terms of performance parts for the regular 1.6 other than your basic bolt-ons.
What rooSTer said is right. There aren't any serious power adders for the Fiesta aside from your standard boltons unless you want to go to nitrous.
If your stock Fiesta ride quality seems really stiff and annoying, you should test drive an ST version and compare. It is very stiff in the ST.