installing steeda short shifter


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hello everyone, this is the first time to join fiesta forum.
my car is 2012 fiesta mk7 and i bought a new steeda short shifter.
while removing the stock shifter, i meet a big problem.
i do not know how to remove the collar from the hole in front of shifter base.
i see the collar seem to have two sections, one is white color and the other is black color.
from instruction, they tell me to pry it out directly. but i do not think it a good idea because i do not want to use cable tie to fix them after installation.
i want to know a correct protocol, something like pulling white section toward back direction or pulling black section toward front direction...
could someone teach me, please ?
my friend tells me that early version of steeda short shifter will be hard to shift into gear-2 and gear 4. does steeda fix this problem?