Fiesta mk7 TDCI RPM fluctuation and Jerking


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Fiesta 2013 TDCI
Recently I have started facing a weird issue which the Ford service guys are unable to rectify.

1. Idle rpm bouncing - this is found only during cold start and until engine warms up. Once the engine warms up and clocks some kilometers the idle bouncing stops and acts normal. The issue comes back the next day!
2. Most possibly related to the same issue, the vehicle jerks at times and holds the rpm a tad bit longer than usual in lower rpm band even with gas pedal off and abruptly falls back below 2K rpm.
3. I have noticed some water droplets seeping into my foot-well area recently after the heavy rain in my part of the country which might be completely un-unrelated as well.
4. Vehicle has no black, white smoke or hesitation at high rpm and no fault code ever comes up.

Diagnosis so far has been:
1. No fault codes as per Ford authorized service center - checked from two different service centers and both confirm no fault / error code detected
2. Did a PCM update as per Ford but no changes. Throttle body sensor, other sensor readings are all normal as per Ford.
3. The service center suggests this might be an injector issue - and mostly signs of a weakening injector, however no solid confirmation regarding the same. Apparently they have lot many other cars doing worse than mine!??
4. I have found the issue to be amplified during rainy days and this happens even when the vehicle is parked in neutral and when the clutch is pressed and depressed the rpm needle behaves erratically.

A short video of the problem is given here:
This has been bothering me lately and I would like to know if anyone has any solutions for the same? This model did not sell much in India and hence I am finding it difficult to address this concern in any Indian forums.