Best place to find and best performance mods

Hello I’m totally new to the Fiesta game. Just got a 2019 Fiesta ST Line. Looking for any performance mods and tricks ? Have new springs coming
I think Mountune is still selling some stuff. Your best bang for the buck will be found in a smooth intake tube and a drop in air filter element upgrade. I would recommend a Dynomax muffler to replace the stock muffler rather than a whole cat back system. The extra cost for the system over just having a competent shop cut and weld on the new muffler and tip is pretty great. I chose a Dynomax muffler #17230, which is a perfect dimensional replacement for the O.E. unit. I recall that the shipped to my house price was less than one hundred bucks from Summit racing. I don't remember what it cost to get it installed, but it was not very expensive at all.
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