2013 Titanium U3003 flickering lights

I just bought this car from CarMax. It just this morning turned over 70,000 miles, which is in my mind still new. I'm not sure if this is new or if it was occuring when I bought it, didn't drive in the dark for a while.

All of the lights flicker when driving. Twice, it seemed as if it was turned off and back on, everything went off and on and the dash lights came on. This has not occured in the dark, so I don't know if everything goes completely dark. I pulled a U3003 code, not to helpful unless I'm misinturpreting the code.

It does not flicker when not moving, but has gone off and back on once. The car is keyless.

Gott love transient electrical issues.
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This is how I (simply) resolved this issue: I disconnected all of the battery connections, including the ground block, cleaned them with aerosol brake cleaner, injected dielectric grease into all of the connections and tightened them all back up.

This was a pleasant surprise, I didn't think it would change anything.
Take the cover off the under wood fuse box to see if it looks nice and clean or all full of corrosion. I think Ford fixed the problem by 2013, but this was wy I got rid of my 2011. This was the last straw for me.