2011 Ford Fiesta (USA) how do I know which transmission I have

My daughter purchased a 2011 Ford Fiesta w/ an automatic transmission from a used car dealer, not the Ford dealership. We are trying to determine if it has the Powershift transmission. There is no manual in the car. How can I identify which trans it has?

Or is it going to be a DCT since that is THE auto trans for that year Fiesta

Thank you
There are only two choices for North America. The Powershift DCT or the 5 speed manual transaxle. The first thing I would strongly recommend that you do is take it to your preferred Ford dealership service department and have the service writer run an OASIS report. This will provide you with a Ford service history of the car including any warranty work that was done. I would say a DCT Fiesta with a history of transmission replacement would be desirable to one with no history of that work. A lot of rethinking and material spec changes occurred since late 2014.