Hello All -

The other evening I was driving back from the store and swerved to avoid a dog. This caused me to jump a curb and did a number to my passenger front end. Both the front and rear wheels are pretty bent up while only the front suffered a blown tire. I swapped out the front wheel for the donut just so I could get it towed home.

From the photos, you an see the passenger front wheel was pushed clear back to the bender causing some body damage. I jacked the car up this morning to get a better look at the damage and from what I can tell it seems like the lower control arm is pretty bent and the stabalizer link snapped completely in half. I can also see the pastic shroud on the strut tore. Not sure if the entire strut is bad or not.

I'm having a difficult time determining if there is any other damage. (i.e. tie rod, cv axle, etc). Are there any tell-tell signs that I should look for to asses all the damage?


I was doing about 25-30 mph when impact occured.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and/or tips.