Hey guys, im a ford newby. Have owned this fiesta for around 2 years. Its a 1.4 tdci and has lately been showing signs of trouble. Every now and then it decides not to start, you turn the key and ignition lights come on, immobiliser etc turn off as per normal and nothing happens. I can hear what sounds like a click indicating the starter motor solenoid might be working but nothing happens and you get no cranking. If you hold the key in start position for a few seconds it will start on its own randomly. At the moment its dead and no matter how long i keep the key turned, it wont start. I took it to the mechanic yesterday who said it was showing an error for the MAF sensor but hes not convinced and ive read some posts saying it could be an accelerator pedal position sensor instead.

If anyone has any information that can help... i would be very grateful.

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